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November 5, 2007

Trainng Week 1

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Its back day today. not very satisfying. put too much ego in there. not enough contraction. gotta lower the weight, keep the ego and do it the right way. Did some extras to day. i did deadlift, bent over row, lats pull down, seated cable row, negative chin up. Didn’t work my lower back. i think deadlift got it covered.

Tomorrow will be intersting, firstly it will be the day Fish and Dexter start their shit on putting on muscle, with discipline. and doing the right thing of course. and it will be the first chest day. looking foward to bench press, and cable flies. With some additional rotator cuff work of course. gotta work it man, suffering some problem with my rotator cuff previously.

Today’s will is okay i guess. here is goes

Meal 1 : 2 whole, 5 egg whites, 6 table spon oats
Meal 2 : Fried chicken rice
Meal 3 : Porridge with pork
Meal 4 : 5 Table spoon oats, half scoop whey
Meal 5 : 1 1/2 scoop whey, 2 table spon dextrose, 1 table spon honey, 5g creatine
Meal 6 : chicken breast, 2 piece of fish, little rice
Meal 7 : egg plant and tau fu with pork
Meal 8 : 400ml milk

Not bad eh? except for the fried rice of course. gotta cut them down man. maybe i’ll do a circuit later on with cardio to burn some fat off my waist hahahhahaha. But first, i need to put on more muscle mass. NEED MORE PROTEIN!!


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