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November 5, 2007

Yes New Blog

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Time for a new Life mate. A brand new Life Style. A life with the Iron. Most of the people might go “What is this nut head talknig about? life with the iron?” but hell like i give a fuck what you people think about me, its true when it says ” they don’t care where you come from, they only want to know where you’ll end at “

Life with the Iron. i started around 8 months ago at march of 2007. Started to train, rather than what the average gym goers do, “workout”. Nah i dont workout, i dont waste my time in the gym. I push through hard times with Iron. Sometimes i win, but most of the time i lose. and that doesn’t mean i should give up and walk away from the iron, that means i have to come back stronger and hit the iron harder than before.

Few Particular reason for me, when the question comes why do i do it? its either to get the chick dig me, or try to intimidate pathetic skinny fat guys who trys to put me down when they know they are inferior, but the biggest reason is to get big. i like being big. i like having 18 inch arms, 30 inch thigh, 45inch chest. the big shit. made of sweat, blood, puke, and of couse iron.

Today, its 5th of november, monday, the day i’m starting training again after 2 weeks of forced break from training. but i’m doing thing different now, it will be bodybuilding from now onwards. Routine. and high volume one, high intensity, with the real thing, no your pink pussy dumbbell curls of 100 reps or wat ever shit, no. Its the real thing, the deadlift, the squat, the bench press the military press the row the free weights, with the iron. no your sophisticated rocket science fucking machine.

As consulted by of the biggest guy i know in my life, terry gallyot, 1997 Mr Asia, and a friendly big australian named david, experienced and dedicated to the life of bodybuilding, helped me up with a routine, which i hope will make my muscle grow more than ever.

Day 1: Back
Day 2: Chest
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Legs
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: Shoulders/Arms
Day 7: Rest


Day 1
4×6-8 Deadlifts/rackpull Variation
4×6-8 Bent Over Row
4×6-8 Cable Row Variation/DB Row
4×6-8 Pulldown Variation
4×6-8 good morning
3×1 Negative Wide PUll Up

Day 2
4×6-8 BB/DB Flat Bench Press
4×6-8 DB/BB Incline Bench Press
4×6-8 DB/cable Fly
3×6-8 Shrugs Variation
3×20 rotator cuff work

Day 3

Day 4
4×6-8 Squat Variation
4×6-8 Leg press
4×6-8 Lunges/leg extension
4×6-80 Leg Curl
4×16-20 Calf Raise

Day 5

Day 6
3×6-8 Shoulder press Variation
3×6-8 DB/cable Rear Lateral Raise
3×6-8 DB/cable Side Lateral Raise
3×6-8 Wide Grip EZ bar Preacher curls
3×6-8 Incline Curl
3×6-8 Weighted Dips
3×6-8 Extension Variation
3×6-8 PullDowns Variation

Day 7



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