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November 6, 2007

Chest Day

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Today’s chest day, one hell of a chest day i must say. its 7 nov at 2am alraedy, i still can feel my chest muscles burning, its like on fire!! what i did today is

BB Flat bench
BB incline Bench
DB Flies
DB shrugs

All till failure, total failure. beyond failure, until i couldn’t even lift a rep even with a spotter(without causing the spotter a major shoulder dislocation of course). hope to do the same on leg day which is on 8th nov. thursday. can wait to do leg, why? because it will be the worst day of the week, i’ll sweat, i’ll bleed, i’ll scream, i’ll cry, and i’ll puke. Need to push harder than before.

Here’s Today’s meal

Meal 1 : 2 whole 5 egg whites, 6 table spoon oats
Meal 2 : Yong tau fu, egg plant, bean sprouts, and pork
Meal 3 : Protein blend shake
Meal 4 : 5 table spoon oats, 1/2 scoop whey
Meal 5 : 1 1/2 scoop whey, 2 table spoon dextrose, 1 tea spoon creatine, 1 table spoon honey
Meal 6 : Rice, 1 serving salmon, green vege, bean sprouts, egg plant, taufu with pork
Meal 7 : 2 serving of tandoori Chicken
Meal 8 : 400ml milk with 1 tea spoon flax seed oil

Looking good! i Dont see the fried word today! NICE Keep it up jones!

And yeah, read the 1st chapter of “burn the fat, feed the muscle” Book. forced me to write down my goals right now hahaha. alright here goes. Main Goal right now is burn fat!!!

1 year : single digit % bodyfat, 75kg of hardcore muscle
3 months : lose 10-20lbs of fat, preserving muscle, losing 3 inch off my waist
1 month : eat clean, follow my plan 101%, shredding 1 inch off my waist

Thats all for today mate!


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