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November 7, 2007

New Diet Plan, Timing Plan

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Gotta watch out what i eat man. tummy getting bigger over the weeks. must be wrong somewhere!! well lets see at today’s diet, with the time of course.

Meal 1030 : 2 whole 5 egg whites, 6 table spoon oats
Meal 1230 : Mee with chicken and pork, some vegetables, a rather small meal
Meal 1430 : 1 Scoop Whey 1 tea spoon Creatine
Meal 1630 : 1 Scoop Protein Blend
Meal 1830 : 1 serving white rice with a lot of pork, moderate vege, some little eggs
Meal 2200 : 1 Roti Sardin
Meal 0030 : 400ml Milk 1 tea spoon flax seed oil

Now the main change is, after 1400 of everyday, carbs will be totally restricted. exculding training days, if training hours is after 1400. and the last meal will be 2 hours prior to sleep. will cut down eggs 1 whole 5 whites, and cut down milk to 300ml. 2nd last meal of the day will consist only protein. So basically the plan is 3 full meals and 4 snacks on non workout days, 5 snack on workout days.

Will start doing cardio on non workout days, preferrably in the morning, provided i wake up early, or i will do it before dinner, with whey protein prior. 30 minutes, 3 times a week, wednesday, friday and saturday. Did not start cardio on today(wednesday) due to leg’s day tomorrow. have not been training for 2 weeks, reserving strength for tomorrow’s training, and will devote into cardio.

Or even Maybe i should add in HIT sprints into workoutdays, after training.


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