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November 10, 2007

Arms Day

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Oh man, its over midnight again. this is for 10 nov, arms day, twice cardio day. hope i dont burn off my previous muscles. Arms day wasn’t very satisfying, especially shoulders and bicep, need to do something with this man. shit! Obviously i wasn’t hitting my lateral shoulders and bicep enough. more set! tricep was damn nice. enjoyed the pull downs, fucked my tricep nicely. will advice the pro for more tips, especially wong hong, talked to him in the gym, friendly, nice to talk wiht, and fucking huge and ripped!!

Ok today’s meal

Meal 0915 : 1 whole 5 whites, very little carbs, rubbish carbs
Meal 1115 : 4 tb oat, 1/2 whey(pre shake)
Meal 1245 : 1 1/2 whey, 2tb dex, 1ts creatine, 1 tb honey(post shake)
Meal 1330 : Vietnam food, Rice vermicelli, beef, chicken, egg, porridge.
Meal 1615 : 400ml Milk
Meal 1830 : Some rubbish carbs
Meal 2145 : 1 Protein blend
Meal 0000 : Tandoori chicken breast, naan.

Twice cardio, one post workout at 1245, another at 2115. both last around 25 minutes max, cycling and swimming. Will do cardio early morning tomorrow. hope this discipline can last for at least 3 months. Lots of rubbish today, damn my self, no excuses. shit.

Tomorrow onwards flax oil will be taking morning, multi vits and fish oil will be taken after lunch. Still trying to tweak this Meal timing to a better one. lol


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