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November 10, 2007

Cardio day

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Ok this is for 9 november. didn’t update yesterday due to yam char session until 230 am =.=”

lets take a look at the meal.

Meal 0745 : 1 whey 1ts creatine
Meal 0930 : 1 whole 5 whites, 5tb rolled oats
Meal 1230 : 1/2 rice, kambing, vege, pork
Meal 1600 : 350ml Milk, 1ts flax oil
Meal 1830 : 1 scoop whey
Meal 2000 : rice, chicken, vege, fish
Meal 2330 : maggie goreng

Alright here. reason for the early whey is because i’m prepared to go for a early job, but its raining so waste, went at 1730 instead, took whey later at 1830. The maggie goreng….. was at mamak in subang. no choice of food, the chicken sucks, so i decided to give maggie goreng a shot, and today’s shit was terrible. no more maggie goreng please.

And One thing, KL today was a big shit day lol.. protesters.. around KL.. lots of them.. police have been blocking roads all over the place.. well non of my business as long as i dont get into these shits.

Today was arms day, will update later at night with today’s meal.


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