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November 11, 2007

Rest Day

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Well i just a slow jog and walk under the rain today at 1745. still trying to fix up my stamina and hope i can last longer on legs day!! Nothing much happened today, very boring day, movie marathon at home.. bullshit. woke up real late today.

Meal 1230 : 1 whole 6 white, 5 tb oat, 1ts flax
Meal 1530 : 1 rice, 2 meat, 1 vege
Meal 1830 : 1 whey, 1ts creatine, 2 fish oil
Meal 1915 : 1/2 rice, 2 meal, 1 vege, multi vit
Meal 2200 : Mee Rojak

Yeah 5 meals only.. the mee rojak.. lol.. i’m only doing this for weekends man.. 4 weight training a week, 8 cardio sessions a week.. can la.. lol

Tomorrow back day, couldn’t get my straps. damn. only can get it on tuesday. fuck. gotta suffer with my grip tomrorow again. going early! 11am reach! HIGH TESTOSTERONE! HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING!! LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!! LIGHT WEIGHT!!


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