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November 17, 2007

Total Rest Day

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OMG. i totally forgot to update leg day! maybe i was so damn fukked for the night after legs. did 24 sets of legs. 6 exercise. damn..quads and hammies were burning like fire!! haha i like it

this is the total rest day, high calories day.. as suppose to be 6 day low 1 day high. to manipulate leptin. but then i’m doing this base on instict. i know i will 90% fail, without calories calculation. but i just hate to count, i’m going to just try this for 2 months. at least, for progress to show. low calorie will be eat base on instinct as well. self control with carbs and stuffs. well then today’s meal is

Meal 0930 : 1 whole 5 whites, 6 tb oats, 1 ts flax
Meal 1200 : 1 1.2 rice, 3 meat, 0 vege
Meal 1500 : 400ml milk, 1 protein blend
Meal 1730 : 1 whey, 1 ts creatine
Meal 1930 : 1 rice, 2 meat 2 vege
Meal 2330 : Kashmiri Naan

Looking good, and looking high carbs. not much of fat for the day tho. lots of lean beef and chicken and fish.. tomorrow’s arm day. gonna do something different. gonna fry my deltoids god damn it! BURN!


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