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November 20, 2007

training week 3, Back Day

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This is for 19 november. crazy back day. did heavy deadlifts, heavy long bar row, heavy bent over row, lats pull down and cable rows. with straps! hahaha helped a lot in concentrating on my back. very nice day. woke up today with a sore lower back, sore rear delts and sore upper back. long bar row is fun man. altho very demanding on lower back after deadlifts. i can do pretty heavy shit with it lol

alright yesterday’s meal was looking fine.

Meal 0930 : 1 whole 6 whites, 6 tb oats 1 ts flax
Meal 1230 : dim sum.
Meal 1530 : Pre shake
Meal 1700 : post shake
Meal 1800 : 1/2 rice, 2 chicken 2 vege
Meal 2200 : 400ml milk, 1 matrix

6 meal ONLY! LOL
my stomach was fucked up after last saturday night’s mac donald. fuck it man. took yakult yesterday night so today woke up with a much better tummy. i think i gotta take yakult everyday i guess. 90 cents 1 small bottle. 1 bottle a day, ok la i think lol

we’ll see how it goes. live a healthy life jones!


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