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November 21, 2007

Chest Day

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HMM this is for yesterday again, for 20th nov.. hell time passes damn fast.. gonna be working soon again. gotta earn some bucks to feed my fat ass who needs 600 every 3 month sole for supplements vitamins and other good stuff. hell. bodybuilding aint cheap, but u will definitely love the result lol..

anyway i added dumbbell straigth arm pull overs for chest.. didn’t feel my chest working at all =.=” dumb fuck who told me this is a chest exercise, i felt my lats doing all the work.

Meal 0930 : 1 whole 6 white, 6tb oats, 1 ts flax
Meal 1230 : fried mouse mee
Meal 1530 : 400ml milk, 1 matrix
Meal 1730 : pre shake
Meal 1900 : post shake
Meal 2100 : 1/2 rice, 2 muttom 2 vege
Meal 0100 : 2 chicken

looking good. became 7 meals again lol.. not bad la.. slept late yesterday.. only 1 fried word.. grandma’s cook. cant deny it lol


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