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December 4, 2007

1st month of training

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1st month of training is over. progress was good. found solution for meal 0900. cooking my own chicken. which i’m taking now everynight before sleep. since my boss is on leave for the week, i guess i’m starting next week.

shoulders still under developed. god.. i have no idea. i’ll give trisets for like 1 month and see how. will try supersets for chest this week. incline barbell with incline cable flies. then with flat and standing cable flies. or something like tat.

i PRed on deadlift. 315! when wil lthat be my squats? we’ll find it out tomorrow. as i’ll be attempting a max. maybe a 270 or 275. if my knees says ok. LOL

i forgot wat else i want to say. naah next time


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