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November 13, 2007

Chest day

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Chest day, bugger a very good day, but one stupid bugger disappointed me in the gym today! let me rant off a little. this bugger, an Ok body, lean, thats all. came up to me when i was doing cable flies, says i’m doing to heavy, probably because i was doing double his weight, and says my cable flies form is for my back! LOL WUT

i bent foward a little, and did exactly the same thing as doing a lying dumbbell flies. man he said i gotta put the side ways, push it forward. well i mean that works too. but there nothing wrong with my form, i’m doing a cable fly version of most muscular pose. dude this was taught by a guy, who is as big as terry, mr asia 1999. man thats bullshit lol. u think i should listen to a guy who is smaller than me? or should i listen to a regional competition level guy? the choice would be obvious.

anyway fucked that guy, he is just jealous me doing cable flies double his weight. LOL ronnie does the whole stack, should i say ronnie is wrong? hahahaha alright back to the meal.. here it goes

Meal 1130 : 1 whole, 6 whites, 6 tb oat, 1 ts flax
Meal 1445 : 1/2 rice, 2 meat, 2 vege
Meal 1715 : pre shake
Meal 1815 : post shake
Meal 1930 : 2 vege 2 chicken no rice
Meal 2115 : 300g beef, 1 vege, 1/2 pork
Meal 2330 : 400ml milk, protein blend, Pre bed

New pre bed shake, will still be 2 hour prior befor sleep. so i’ll be sleeping 1am+. hope cna wake up at 8 to do a double cardio tomorrow. god bless me. HELLALUYAH!



Training week 2, back day

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Late update again, yesterday went out till late. just to keep a short one.

Meal 1030 : 1 whole, 6 whites, 5 tb oat, 1 ts flax
Meal 1300 : chicken Rice, vege
Meal 1500 : Pre Shake
Meal 1600 : Post Shake
Meal 1730 : Chicken Rice, vege
Meal 2100 : 1 Protein blend, milk
Meal 2300 : 1 Vege, 1 Chicken breast

Err. the time might be messed up.. kinda forgot what i ate.. lol.. Cardio after workout! 30 minutes

Back day was a good day.. But i’m not getting sore back today!! SHIT!! GOTTA PUSH HARDER JONES! i did the same thing again. will rotate next week. i didn’t do negatives chin up. forgot haha. to bad. I’m thinking of doing something intersting for back.. no idea yet. we’ll see how.

November 11, 2007

Rest Day

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Well i just a slow jog and walk under the rain today at 1745. still trying to fix up my stamina and hope i can last longer on legs day!! Nothing much happened today, very boring day, movie marathon at home.. bullshit. woke up real late today.

Meal 1230 : 1 whole 6 white, 5 tb oat, 1ts flax
Meal 1530 : 1 rice, 2 meat, 1 vege
Meal 1830 : 1 whey, 1ts creatine, 2 fish oil
Meal 1915 : 1/2 rice, 2 meal, 1 vege, multi vit
Meal 2200 : Mee Rojak

Yeah 5 meals only.. the mee rojak.. lol.. i’m only doing this for weekends man.. 4 weight training a week, 8 cardio sessions a week.. can la.. lol

Tomorrow back day, couldn’t get my straps. damn. only can get it on tuesday. fuck. gotta suffer with my grip tomrorow again. going early! 11am reach! HIGH TESTOSTERONE! HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING!! LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!! LIGHT WEIGHT!!

November 10, 2007

Arms Day

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Oh man, its over midnight again. this is for 10 nov, arms day, twice cardio day. hope i dont burn off my previous muscles. Arms day wasn’t very satisfying, especially shoulders and bicep, need to do something with this man. shit! Obviously i wasn’t hitting my lateral shoulders and bicep enough. more set! tricep was damn nice. enjoyed the pull downs, fucked my tricep nicely. will advice the pro for more tips, especially wong hong, talked to him in the gym, friendly, nice to talk wiht, and fucking huge and ripped!!

Ok today’s meal

Meal 0915 : 1 whole 5 whites, very little carbs, rubbish carbs
Meal 1115 : 4 tb oat, 1/2 whey(pre shake)
Meal 1245 : 1 1/2 whey, 2tb dex, 1ts creatine, 1 tb honey(post shake)
Meal 1330 : Vietnam food, Rice vermicelli, beef, chicken, egg, porridge.
Meal 1615 : 400ml Milk
Meal 1830 : Some rubbish carbs
Meal 2145 : 1 Protein blend
Meal 0000 : Tandoori chicken breast, naan.

Twice cardio, one post workout at 1245, another at 2115. both last around 25 minutes max, cycling and swimming. Will do cardio early morning tomorrow. hope this discipline can last for at least 3 months. Lots of rubbish today, damn my self, no excuses. shit.

Tomorrow onwards flax oil will be taking morning, multi vits and fish oil will be taken after lunch. Still trying to tweak this Meal timing to a better one. lol

Cardio day

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Ok this is for 9 november. didn’t update yesterday due to yam char session until 230 am =.=”

lets take a look at the meal.

Meal 0745 : 1 whey 1ts creatine
Meal 0930 : 1 whole 5 whites, 5tb rolled oats
Meal 1230 : 1/2 rice, kambing, vege, pork
Meal 1600 : 350ml Milk, 1ts flax oil
Meal 1830 : 1 scoop whey
Meal 2000 : rice, chicken, vege, fish
Meal 2330 : maggie goreng

Alright here. reason for the early whey is because i’m prepared to go for a early job, but its raining so waste, went at 1730 instead, took whey later at 1830. The maggie goreng….. was at mamak in subang. no choice of food, the chicken sucks, so i decided to give maggie goreng a shot, and today’s shit was terrible. no more maggie goreng please.

And One thing, KL today was a big shit day lol.. protesters.. around KL.. lots of them.. police have been blocking roads all over the place.. well non of my business as long as i dont get into these shits.

Today was arms day, will update later at night with today’s meal.

November 8, 2007

Leg Day

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One hell of a leg day. my whole body is burning right now. even at 10 30pm. woohoo. lets take a look at what i did.


Leg press

Leg extension

Leg Curl

Calf Raise

Overall, as u can see, its a killer bitch. my quads, hammies, calves were fried. totally gone. very bad ass routine. happy with it tho. alright lets look at today’s meal

Meal 0930 : 1 whole 5 whites, 4 table spoon oats
Meal 1030 : 2 bonanas
Meal 1130 : 4 tb oats, 1/2 whey
Meal 1330 : 1 1/2 whey, 1tb honey, 2tb dextrose, 1ts creatine
Meal 1430 : beef rice, sweet potato, vege.
Meal 1700 : 1 matrix
Meal 1900 : 1 rice, 2 meat, 1 vege
Meal 2200 : 300ml Milk, 1 ts Flax seed oil

Sleep at 0000. this is what its suppose to look like tho. 2 hours prior to sleep. uhh hope i dont wake up feeling catabolic tomorrow. maybe i’ll tweak again for tomorrow. hahaha

November 7, 2007

New Diet Plan, Timing Plan

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Gotta watch out what i eat man. tummy getting bigger over the weeks. must be wrong somewhere!! well lets see at today’s diet, with the time of course.

Meal 1030 : 2 whole 5 egg whites, 6 table spoon oats
Meal 1230 : Mee with chicken and pork, some vegetables, a rather small meal
Meal 1430 : 1 Scoop Whey 1 tea spoon Creatine
Meal 1630 : 1 Scoop Protein Blend
Meal 1830 : 1 serving white rice with a lot of pork, moderate vege, some little eggs
Meal 2200 : 1 Roti Sardin
Meal 0030 : 400ml Milk 1 tea spoon flax seed oil

Now the main change is, after 1400 of everyday, carbs will be totally restricted. exculding training days, if training hours is after 1400. and the last meal will be 2 hours prior to sleep. will cut down eggs 1 whole 5 whites, and cut down milk to 300ml. 2nd last meal of the day will consist only protein. So basically the plan is 3 full meals and 4 snacks on non workout days, 5 snack on workout days.

Will start doing cardio on non workout days, preferrably in the morning, provided i wake up early, or i will do it before dinner, with whey protein prior. 30 minutes, 3 times a week, wednesday, friday and saturday. Did not start cardio on today(wednesday) due to leg’s day tomorrow. have not been training for 2 weeks, reserving strength for tomorrow’s training, and will devote into cardio.

Or even Maybe i should add in HIT sprints into workoutdays, after training.

November 6, 2007

Chest Day

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Today’s chest day, one hell of a chest day i must say. its 7 nov at 2am alraedy, i still can feel my chest muscles burning, its like on fire!! what i did today is

BB Flat bench
BB incline Bench
DB Flies
DB shrugs

All till failure, total failure. beyond failure, until i couldn’t even lift a rep even with a spotter(without causing the spotter a major shoulder dislocation of course). hope to do the same on leg day which is on 8th nov. thursday. can wait to do leg, why? because it will be the worst day of the week, i’ll sweat, i’ll bleed, i’ll scream, i’ll cry, and i’ll puke. Need to push harder than before.

Here’s Today’s meal

Meal 1 : 2 whole 5 egg whites, 6 table spoon oats
Meal 2 : Yong tau fu, egg plant, bean sprouts, and pork
Meal 3 : Protein blend shake
Meal 4 : 5 table spoon oats, 1/2 scoop whey
Meal 5 : 1 1/2 scoop whey, 2 table spoon dextrose, 1 tea spoon creatine, 1 table spoon honey
Meal 6 : Rice, 1 serving salmon, green vege, bean sprouts, egg plant, taufu with pork
Meal 7 : 2 serving of tandoori Chicken
Meal 8 : 400ml milk with 1 tea spoon flax seed oil

Looking good! i Dont see the fried word today! NICE Keep it up jones!

And yeah, read the 1st chapter of “burn the fat, feed the muscle” Book. forced me to write down my goals right now hahaha. alright here goes. Main Goal right now is burn fat!!!

1 year : single digit % bodyfat, 75kg of hardcore muscle
3 months : lose 10-20lbs of fat, preserving muscle, losing 3 inch off my waist
1 month : eat clean, follow my plan 101%, shredding 1 inch off my waist

Thats all for today mate!

November 5, 2007

Trainng Week 1

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Its back day today. not very satisfying. put too much ego in there. not enough contraction. gotta lower the weight, keep the ego and do it the right way. Did some extras to day. i did deadlift, bent over row, lats pull down, seated cable row, negative chin up. Didn’t work my lower back. i think deadlift got it covered.

Tomorrow will be intersting, firstly it will be the day Fish and Dexter start their shit on putting on muscle, with discipline. and doing the right thing of course. and it will be the first chest day. looking foward to bench press, and cable flies. With some additional rotator cuff work of course. gotta work it man, suffering some problem with my rotator cuff previously.

Today’s will is okay i guess. here is goes

Meal 1 : 2 whole, 5 egg whites, 6 table spon oats
Meal 2 : Fried chicken rice
Meal 3 : Porridge with pork
Meal 4 : 5 Table spoon oats, half scoop whey
Meal 5 : 1 1/2 scoop whey, 2 table spon dextrose, 1 table spon honey, 5g creatine
Meal 6 : chicken breast, 2 piece of fish, little rice
Meal 7 : egg plant and tau fu with pork
Meal 8 : 400ml milk

Not bad eh? except for the fried rice of course. gotta cut them down man. maybe i’ll do a circuit later on with cardio to burn some fat off my waist hahahhahaha. But first, i need to put on more muscle mass. NEED MORE PROTEIN!!

Yes New Blog

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Time for a new Life mate. A brand new Life Style. A life with the Iron. Most of the people might go “What is this nut head talknig about? life with the iron?” but hell like i give a fuck what you people think about me, its true when it says ” they don’t care where you come from, they only want to know where you’ll end at “

Life with the Iron. i started around 8 months ago at march of 2007. Started to train, rather than what the average gym goers do, “workout”. Nah i dont workout, i dont waste my time in the gym. I push through hard times with Iron. Sometimes i win, but most of the time i lose. and that doesn’t mean i should give up and walk away from the iron, that means i have to come back stronger and hit the iron harder than before.

Few Particular reason for me, when the question comes why do i do it? its either to get the chick dig me, or try to intimidate pathetic skinny fat guys who trys to put me down when they know they are inferior, but the biggest reason is to get big. i like being big. i like having 18 inch arms, 30 inch thigh, 45inch chest. the big shit. made of sweat, blood, puke, and of couse iron.

Today, its 5th of november, monday, the day i’m starting training again after 2 weeks of forced break from training. but i’m doing thing different now, it will be bodybuilding from now onwards. Routine. and high volume one, high intensity, with the real thing, no your pink pussy dumbbell curls of 100 reps or wat ever shit, no. Its the real thing, the deadlift, the squat, the bench press the military press the row the free weights, with the iron. no your sophisticated rocket science fucking machine.

As consulted by of the biggest guy i know in my life, terry gallyot, 1997 Mr Asia, and a friendly big australian named david, experienced and dedicated to the life of bodybuilding, helped me up with a routine, which i hope will make my muscle grow more than ever.

Day 1: Back
Day 2: Chest
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Legs
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: Shoulders/Arms
Day 7: Rest


Day 1
4×6-8 Deadlifts/rackpull Variation
4×6-8 Bent Over Row
4×6-8 Cable Row Variation/DB Row
4×6-8 Pulldown Variation
4×6-8 good morning
3×1 Negative Wide PUll Up

Day 2
4×6-8 BB/DB Flat Bench Press
4×6-8 DB/BB Incline Bench Press
4×6-8 DB/cable Fly
3×6-8 Shrugs Variation
3×20 rotator cuff work

Day 3

Day 4
4×6-8 Squat Variation
4×6-8 Leg press
4×6-8 Lunges/leg extension
4×6-80 Leg Curl
4×16-20 Calf Raise

Day 5

Day 6
3×6-8 Shoulder press Variation
3×6-8 DB/cable Rear Lateral Raise
3×6-8 DB/cable Side Lateral Raise
3×6-8 Wide Grip EZ bar Preacher curls
3×6-8 Incline Curl
3×6-8 Weighted Dips
3×6-8 Extension Variation
3×6-8 PullDowns Variation

Day 7


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