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November 13, 2007

Chest day

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Chest day, bugger a very good day, but one stupid bugger disappointed me in the gym today! let me rant off a little. this bugger, an Ok body, lean, thats all. came up to me when i was doing cable flies, says i’m doing to heavy, probably because i was doing double his weight, and says my cable flies form is for my back! LOL WUT

i bent foward a little, and did exactly the same thing as doing a lying dumbbell flies. man he said i gotta put the side ways, push it forward. well i mean that works too. but there nothing wrong with my form, i’m doing a cable fly version of most muscular pose. dude this was taught by a guy, who is as big as terry, mr asia 1999. man thats bullshit lol. u think i should listen to a guy who is smaller than me? or should i listen to a regional competition level guy? the choice would be obvious.

anyway fucked that guy, he is just jealous me doing cable flies double his weight. LOL ronnie does the whole stack, should i say ronnie is wrong? hahahaha alright back to the meal.. here it goes

Meal 1130 : 1 whole, 6 whites, 6 tb oat, 1 ts flax
Meal 1445 : 1/2 rice, 2 meat, 2 vege
Meal 1715 : pre shake
Meal 1815 : post shake
Meal 1930 : 2 vege 2 chicken no rice
Meal 2115 : 300g beef, 1 vege, 1/2 pork
Meal 2330 : 400ml milk, protein blend, Pre bed

New pre bed shake, will still be 2 hour prior befor sleep. so i’ll be sleeping 1am+. hope cna wake up at 8 to do a double cardio tomorrow. god bless me. HELLALUYAH!



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